Standard meals are served Buffet Style in Quaker Hall. Standard meal times: Breakfast at 8am, Lunch at 12pm, Dinner at 5:30pm.

  All meals are served buffet style with guests starting at the same time and clearing their own tables when they are finished. This provides an avenue for fellowship centered around food.

  Dietary restrictions can usually be accommodated, but calls should be made in advance to ensure that the kitchen has time to anticipate every guests’ needs.

  All meals are by reservation through the front office. A minimum of 20 adults is required for meal service to be available in the off-season (Sept - May). However, the required minimum may be met by more than one group, and reservations for Sunday lunch are often made for very small groups and individuals.

Standard meal prices:

Meal:             Adult (ages 12+)          Child (ages 5-11)

Breakfast (8am):         $ 7.25                  $4.50

Lunch (12pm):             $8.75                   $5.00

Dinner (5:30pm):         $9.25                   $5.00

Sunday Lunch (12pm): $11.50                $6.50

Ages 4 and under are free.