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Summer Staff

We are currently seeking 15 young adults who are interested in spending their summer serving Christ at Quaker Haven Camp. As part of the team, you will be helping to create a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere for our guests. Your daily tasks will include meal preparation, dining hall clean-up and dishwashing, lifeguarding, maintenance, mowing, landscaping, and cleaning lodges, bathrooms, and activity spaces. 


Our team attends Dewart Lake Friends Church on Sundays and participates in daily staff devotionals. If you are looking to improve your work ethic, this is the perfect opportunity for you as everyone works six days a week, starting at 7am and finishing around 8pm (although daily work hours may vary). 


After work is completed, our team likes to engage in recreational activities such as playing ultimate frisbee, swimming, playing cards in the dining hall, and roasting marshmallows around the campfire. Some of the benefits provided include lodging, meals, bi-weekly salary, Wi-Fi, and the opportunity to build long-lasting friendships. 


To be eligible for this position, you must be at least 16 years of age. If this sounds like the perfect opportunity for you, please follow the link to read more. For further information, please contact Emily at the camp office at

Time:  Full-Time Seasonal

Food Service Director/ Head Cook

Quaker Haven Camp & Retreat is seeking the next Food Service Director/ Head Cook to lead this critical area of hospitality and ministry. This position requires the ability to plan and execute homecooked meals for 10 - 250 guests while leading and disciplining a team of young adults in a ministry setting. Other responsibilities include preparing delicious and balanced meals for the children and staff, as well as managing food allergies and maintaining a safe, clean kitchen. The Food Service Director will also oversee occasional special events, as well as meals for volunteers as needed.

This is a full-time, year-round role that includes salary, housing, and benefits. Ideally, the position will be filled to allow ample transition time with our current Food Service Director.

The Quaker Haven Team desires to glorify Jesus Christ through service to all who enter through the camp pillars with the expectation of encountering Him through worship, fellowship, and nature. Contact Brandon Dennis for more information or to submit a resume.

Time:  Full-Time Year Around

Salary:  Paid

Summer Camp
Health Officer

Quaker Haven Camp & Retreat Center is looking for a Summer Camp Health Officer to oversee the health of the youth campers, and camp staff, provide first aid, respond to emergencies on camp, and participate with other staff to provide the fun, nurturing environment that kids love. A nursing student has been the perfect candidate for this role in past seasons.

Candidates should have completed at least their sophomore year of nursing school, have a current CPR/AED certification, be enthusiastic about working with a range of ages, understand the flexibility of working in the camping environment, and be physically fit enough to meet the demands of the job.
Lodging, meals, and bi-weekly salary are part of the benefits provided.

If this is you, please follow the link to fill out an application.

For more information please contact, Emily, at the camp office at

Time:  Full-Time Seasonal


Quaker Haven Camp and Retreat Center is looking for 5-6 lifeguards to serve during the summer. The camp lifeguard is responsible for actively supervising the lakefront area to prevent accidents, assist swimmers, and respond to emergencies. Must be at least 16 years old, have a current lifeguard license be enthusiastic about working with a range of ages, and be physically fit enough to meet the demands of the job.

Our lifeguards are a part of our Summer Staff crew, so you will also be responsible for other daily tasks such as housekeeping, grounds, food service, etc. This is typically a full-time seasonal position.

**We are willing to reimburse you for your certification class over

the course of the summer.

If this is you, please follow the link to read more.

For more information please contact, Emily, at the camp office at

Area lifeguard classes available at the

Goshen Aquatic Center and Koskiosko YMCA

Summer Staff Employment: Service
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