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Winter Tree Covered in Snow

General Policies

These policies are set to facilitate the best possible experience for all our guests.
  • For safety and legal liability reasons, we prohibit alcohol, smoking, illegal drugs, fireworks, and firearms.

  • According to the State Board of Health, all Pets, excepting working dogs, are prohibited.

  • To maintain a family-friendly atmosphere, we ask ladies to wear one-piece bathing suits, and all guests avoid foul language in common areas.

  • Campfires are welcome in designated areas only.

  • We ask you do not park your vehicles on the grass.

  • Check-in Time is 4pm; Check-out Time is BY 2pm; Quiet Hours are 11pm-7am.

  • Guests assume financial responsibility for damages due to abuse or vandalism. The amount will be added to your final bill.

  • Lost and Found items will be kept for 2 weeks and then donated or thrown away.


Who owns the camp?

​Indiana & Western Yearly Meetings Religious Society of Friends (Quaker).

Who can use the camp?

Quaker meetings are given preference, but we welcome all guests who want to rest and grow in the Lord.

Do your buildings have HVAC and indoor plumbing?

Yes, all our buildings, except our rustic cabins, have HVAC and modern plumbing.

Is your food normal camp food?

No, we have awesome food! Our talented Food Service Director, Jenny, creates and oversees our food to ensure the highest quality possible.

Is there a church there?

Yes, Dewart Lake Community Friends with Pastor Jesse Vore, meets in the log chapel(Aaron Napier Meetinghouse) year-round at 10am Sundays. During the summer, there is also a boat-in service on the lakefront at 8:30am.

What do you charge for life vests, canoes, rowboats, sports equipment, etc.?

There is no extra charge for registered guests staying with us. We do charge for day use.

Are there snakes in the lake?

Like any natural lake, there are a few non-poisonous snakes. They usually keep their distance from campers.

What do you do in the winter?

There are six full-time year-round staff here at the camp. During the winter we keep busy maintaining the grounds, cleaning buildings, preparing meals for winter retreats, hosting banquets, doing building projects, and catching up on other work that we don’t have time to do in the summer.

Who are Quakers?

The Quakers, or the Society of Friends, are a Christian Protestant denomination. The term “Quaker” refers to a member of the Religious Society of Friends. The term has 2 reputed origins. One refers to people “quaking” or trembling when feeling moved by the Holy Spirit to speak in Meetings for Worship. The other according to Elfrida Vipont Brown, came about when George Fox was arrested in Derby in October of 1650 and charged with blasphemy. Fox was questioned intermittently over an eight-hour period and at one point told the magistrates to … “Tremble at the word of the Lord”. It was Justice Bennett who coined the name “Quakers” for the followers of George Fox.

What do Quakers believe?

Quakers believe in one holy, almighty, all-wise, and eternal God, the Father, the Creator, and Preserver of all things. They believe in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord and Savior, by whom all things consist and in the Holy Spirit, preceding from the Father and the Son. These three are one in the eternal Godhead. They believe that the Bible is the inspired Words of God and strive for a simple and meaningful worship service. Generally, worship services or meetings are mildly ritualistic. A blend of singing, prayer, and preaching are in Quaker services in a way that combines good order and flexibility, making room for God to be our leader.​

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