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Camper Agreement

  To have the best camp experience, campers must agree to: 1) Cooperate
fully with counselors, directors, and other appointed leadership of the camp.

2) Participate fully in all
scheduled activities (as physically able).

3) Respect camp property and comply with established
guidelines for the use of the property.

4) Respect male and female residence rules. 

5) Go to bed at
scheduled time, remaining in residence during lights-out time, and remaining quiet so others can sleep,
6) Abstain from unsuitable physical relationships.

7) Abstain from the use of tobacco, alcohol, or any illegal
substance and understand that such substances are not permitted on camp property regardless of age,
8) Cooperate with the expectations and rules of Quaker Haven Camp and its managers.


What should I bring to summer camp?

  • A Bible & Pen

  • Weather-appropriate clothing, Sports Clothing

  • Bug Repellant, Sunscreen

  • Water bottle

  • Jacket or Sweatshirt (it can get cool near the lake)

  • Rain gear

  • 2 pairs of shoes

  • Swimsuit, Towels (bath & beach)

  • Washcloth, Soap, Toothpaste, Toothbrush

  • Pillow, Sleeping Bag, Bed Roll, or Sheets & Blanket.

  • We also suggest: Beach shoes, a camera, a small amount of spending money for crafts and/or canteen.

  • It is also a good idea to have at least 2 sets of clothing that campers can get messy in for some of the games we may play.

  • The camp picture and camp video links are included in the registration cost.


What should I NOT bring to camp?

  • Radios, CD/MP3 players, Bluetooth headphones/ speakers, smartwatches, or any type of expensive electronic items.

  • We understand that students use cell phones for purposes other than just talking on the phone, but they can become very disruptive to our program.

  • One of the goals of the camping program at Quaker Haven is to give young people a break from their usual elements for them to hear from the Holy Spirit. We ask that if students have phones, we do not see them throughout the course of our programming.

  • We reserve the right to confiscate them and mail them home if they become a problem. Keep in mind that we cannot be responsible for any lost, stolen broken items.

Is there a camp store?

  Yes! QHC has a camp store in Quaker Hall / the Dining Hall with options from sweatshirts and t-shirts to mugs to homemade Maple Syrup. We encourage all parents and guardians to check out the camp store!

Is there Free Time during the camp day?

  Yes. Each full day of camp, 2-3 hours of free time is built into the schedule for campers to make use of the campgrounds. Swimming in the lake, fishing, boating, playing on the playground, in the gaga pit, in the Activity Center, or on the tennis and basketball courts are all available. The craft room is open as well! We have a Rock Wall and Zipline open at scheduled times. Rock Wall is available for Adventure Campers, and Rock Wall and Zipline for Jr. and Sr. High Campers.


Parent Agreement

  Parents must agree to fully support the guidelines for campers. Parents are agreeing to all camp activities including boating and water activities unless indicated otherwise. Parents must agree to pick up or otherwise provide transportation home for their child if he/she is excessively uncooperative.

Camper Dress Code:

  Campers must dress appropriately for all camp activities and programs. The appropriate dress code has been determined by the Christian Education Boards of Indiana and Western Yearly Meetings as follows: Girls are expected to wear clothing that covers the midriff and
shorts/pants that do not reveal buttocks or upper thighs. One-piece swimsuits are expected and shirts
that cover shoulders and chest. Underwear should not be showing at any time. Guys are expected to wear shorts/pants that do not reveal buttocks or upper thighs and shirts that cover the chest, stomach, sides, and back. Underwear should not be showing at any time. A shirt must be worn at all times except when swimming. All campers need to know that the Indiana State Board of Health requires that shoes be worn in the dining hall at all times. Failure to comply with these expectations can result in expulsion from camp!

How do I sign my camper up for summer camp or a weekend retreat?

  Go to Camp Doc to sign in or create an account profile. From that profile, you can register each of your campers and fill out their Health Profile which needs to be 100% complete upon arrival at Summer Camp.

I want to send my child to camp, but I need financial help. Whom do I speak to?

  We love that you want to send your camper and that you are willing to seek out means to make that possible! We never want finances to be the reason a camper is unable to encounter Jesus. We recommend speaking with your local church or meeting. Many of them are willing to sponsor a portion, 50% or even 100% of the cost! If you do not have a church home, reach out to a few to see if any church in the area might help sponsor your camper. Indiana Yearly Meeting and Western Yearly Meeting organize the Summer Camp Program along with Quaker Haven Camp and each YM has scholarship monies available. You can apply for the IYM Scholarship HERE or the WYM Scholarship HERE.


My church (or another entity or sponsor) is paying 100% (or another portion) of the cost, but the online registration requires a deposit. What do I do?

  QHC now requires a non-refundable $50 deposit for each camper. If your church has chosen to take part in our Coupon Code system, entering the church coupon code will override the deposit requirement. If not, you will need to coordinate with your local church or sponsor about payment. If a coupon code is used, you are responsible for communicating with your church that you used a coupon code. Your church is also responsible for following up with you to confirm which campers they are sponsoring. When a coupon code is used, that entity becomes responsible for payment for the camper.


The balance on my camper’s account is not fully paid. Can I still bring my camper to camp?

  Yes! We never want finances to be the reason a camper is unable to encounter Jesus. We ask that upon check-in at the start of camp, the remaining balance is attributed to a source of payment, meaning who is responsible for the remaining balance? Will a church, YM, or sponsor be sending in funds? Will the family set up a payment plan? We have multiple options available to help families.

What about registration and pick-up?

  • Check-in for Jr. High, Sr. High 1 & 2, Adventure, and Little Friends Camp will begin at 3pm in Friendship Lodge (enter through the side door near the softball field).  Campers will be released and must be picked up by 1pm on the final day of camp. 

  • Check-in for Beginner’s Camp will begin at 5pm on the porch of the Chapel and programming will be completed the following Sunday after lunch.​

  • Check-in for "Live Your Life" Young Adult Camp will begin at 7pm and programming will be completed the following Sunday after lunch.

What if I need Special Arrangements for my camper?
  Once registered and on-site, campers may not leave camp for any reason unless there is an emergency or arrangements have been made with the IYM Assistant Superintendent or WYM CE Director before the beginning of camp.  Campers who drive to camp may not use their vehicles for any reason during the camp week.


Can I bring my camper late or pick them up early?

  Yes. We ask for notice ahead of time on which campers will arrive late, what time or day they will arrive or depart, and if they are anticipated to return if leaving early.


Are camp theme t-shirts included in the registration cost?

  No, they are not. You can find the theme shirts in the camp store located in the dining hall.


Will my camper need snacks during the week?

  That is up to you. We provide three buffet meals per day on full days of camp along with two canteens (snacks,             ice cream, candy, soda) times each day. The canteen is  cash-based ONLY.

  Sometimes campers do bring snacks and share them with their cabinmates. We will note that where food is present, insects can follow. Reminding your camper to keep food off the ground and to clean up after themselves is encouraged.


Can I send mail or emails to my camper?

 Yes! We love handing out mail to campers! You can mail a letter, card, or package to your camper or send an email to the QHC Office.

Quaker Haven Camp  

ATTN: Camper Name     

111 EMS D16C Lane, Syracuse, IN  46567                                  or email

 *Subject Line: Camper Name


What if my camper has medicine? Do they keep it?

  Great question! During the summer, QHC employs a Health Officer who is responsible for responding to camper health concerns, injuries, sickness, and medication distribution. Any medication brought onto camp (including Over-the-Counter, OTC medication) must be turned in to the Health Officer in its original container. The Health Officer will take care of distributing medication to campers as directed at the appropriate times.

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