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Meeting Spaces

Need extra meeting spaces?  Look no further than our Dining Hall Basement or the Activity Center.

Food: Welcome

Activity Center

The Activity Center has a lot of options to help better meet your needs.  There are three meeting rooms, with the option to combine rooms 2 and 3, and also a gymnasium.


Activity Center Rates (2 hr. minimums)

Full Gym-$55/hr.

Half Gym-$39/hr.


Meeting Room 1 (max 30 people)-$28/hr.

Meeting Room 2 (max 60 people)-$28/hr.

Meeting Room 3 (max 20 people)-$28/hr.

Meeting Rooms 2&3 combined (max 80 people)-$44/hr.​


Dining Hall Basement

Located in Quaker Hall just below our Dining Room, the Basement has a capacity of 125.  It's also home to the Whispering Rock Cafe.  $55/hr. with 2 hr. minimum

Food: Service
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