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Wilderness Initiative and Leadership Development

A WILD definition of community:
Where People, Resources, Responsibility, and Hope come together for the greater good of everyone.

In the WILD we teach 4 basic steps of survival:
Shelter- Protection and encouragement
Fire-  Inspiration
Water-spiritual peace
Food- mental and physical peace

Our vision is to see students step out of their busy worlds and return to the WILD--life stripped down to what matters most.  We want students to see the beauty in
everything so that when they go back to their busy worlds, they can always find the WILD in their hearts and live an impactful life.

In the WILD program, participants will learn many things: 
-Wilderness Survival Techniques
-How to take care of nature
-How to take care of themselves and others
-How/When to lead and how/when to follow
The WILD Program is developed for participants to not only survive in the
wilderness but also in the wild they call life.

3 day 2 night
Groups of  6-12 (variations for bigger groups are available)
$130 per participant, which includes food, lodging, and program fees.
For every six participants, one adult may come for free.
Contact Info:
If you are interested in your group participating in theWILD or if you have more questions,
please contact Kevin Lipsey at Quaker Haven Camp.

Office: 574-834-4193

The WILD: Inner_about
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